• Free Beta Silk: Join now and win 1000 Beta Silk when you hit level 130

General Questions/Guides

Events Monitor

[Server specs]
  • Protected dedicated server.
  • Backup server every 1 hour ~ just incase
  • Own highspeed download

[General Summary]
  • Cap => 130
  • Race => Chinese & Europe
  • Exp/SP => 150x
  • Party EXP/SP => 160x
  • Alchemy => Custom
    • +1 ~ +8 => 100%
    • +9 => 90%
    • +10 => 80%
    • +11 => 70%
    • +12 and above => 35%
  • Drop Rate => 30x
  • Mastery Level => 390/260
  • Job rates => Custom
  • Silk/h => 3
  • Movement Speed => 2,2x
  • Giant Spawn => 5,5x
  • Botting allowed when not AFK

[Special features - Quick overview]
  • Automatic Events
  • Message System to reset stats/rename etc
  • Custom Player Speed
    (even when not useing a speed scroll youre faster!)
  • Increased giant spawn rates
  • Webshop
  • Academy System disabled
  • Custom unique system
  • Special buffs for killing uniques
  • Rebirth system

[Item changes]
  • Tablets & elements: disabled
  • Magicstone & Attributestone drop rates increased
  • Advanced elixirs: till +5
  • Item stacks: increased for various items
  • Max tier sun items are only dropable at lvl 130 uniques

[Job system]
  • Old jobsystem, reworked and changed so being active is rewarded
    Reason: Trading helps you a lot more than just botting. (Goldbotting FTL!)

[Unique system]
  • Various new uniques added to spawn all over the world
  • Nerfed Roc, Medusa and Seth (no petrification)
  • Special Buffs for killing Uniques (permanent 7 day buffs)

[Silk system]
  • A lot of free silk items and free silk can be obtained from events
  • 3 silk/hour is automatically added to chars
  • All silk items are tradeable (if you find any which are not, feel free to report this to us)
  • More than 80 donation methods!
  • Donate Points (Funds) -> Silk rate is 1:1

[FW system]
  • FW is saturday 18:00 CEST

  • Automatic Hide'n'Seek (Bot hides somewhere and you have to find him) ~Applied and working
  • Hide 'n' Destroy (A bunch of uniques is spawned somewhere and you have to find and kill them)
  • Unique Event (1-2 hour(s) of extreme unique spawns every day)
  • Trivia event (Our global bot will ask questions and the one to answer the most questions first wins) ~Still in work
  • Alchemy event (Our global bot will drop special low level items and you need to fuse it to a certain +, 3 rounds every day, 300 Silk for every winner) ~Applied and working
  • More events on request


  • Dedicated hardware, no virtualisation!
  • Intel XEON Hexa-Core CPU E5-2420 (2 x 6 x 1,9 GHz with HyperThreading)
  • 2 x 2.000 GB SATA II HDD
  • 16 GB DDR3 ECC Server-RAM
  • KVM over IP with own Network-Interface via IPMI
  • Direct 1.000 MBit Flatrate Connection to 170 GBit Backbone
  • Location: Düsseldorf, Germany
    • Protected dedicated server.
    • Backup server every 1 hour ~ just incase
    • Own highspeed download


Event Name Period Description
Monthly Event Every 1st till 15th of the Month Donate/Vote/Rebirth/UP event with increased rates of up to 4x
Lottery Event Every Wednesday and Saturday Lottery Event Every Wednesday and Saturday You can buy lottery tickets from Accs Shop at DW to participate, once every wednesday and saturday 1 lucky player are picked randomly out of all players that purchased tickets. The more tickets were bought the higher the prizes are!
Castle Siege Friday Every Saturday starting from 20:00 GMT+2 there will be a Castle Siege Event where you can capture Jangan, Bandit or Hotan Fortress. Registration is opened every Friday!
Improved Gold Drop Weekends Every Sunday from 00:00 CET/CEST till 23:59 CET/CEST the Gold droprate will be increased!

 Daily Events

Event Name Period Description
Hide and Seek Event Every 8 hours Every 8 hours starting from 0:00 CET/CEST A Bot will start the event automatically, it will hide somewhere in the world and give you a hint. The first one to find and the bot will win! There will be 3 rounds per event!
Note:Every player can win only once every 24 hours!
Alchemy Event Every 8 hours

starting from 04:00 CET/CEST Be the first to fuse a given item to +15 and recieve 350 Beta silk! There will be 3 rounds per event!
Note:Every player can win only once every 24 hours!

Unique Monster Spawn Every Day Every 4 hours there will be Titan Unqiues spawned at their original spawn ground.
Capture the Flag Every Day There will be Capture the Flag Turnaments at every full hour. You will be notified when it starts ingame!
Special Goods Every Day Starting from 13:30 CET/CEST till 22:30 CET/CEST there will be special goods ment for trading sold at their shops for 1 hour. Sale will be recurring every 2 hours till it ends at 22:30 CET/CEST
Battle Arena Every Day Every Day from forenoon to afternoon there will be different kinds of Battle Arena Turnaments held. You will be noticed ingame when it starts!
Trivea event Every Day Every Hour Bot will ask a Question if you answer it right you will win 100 BS

Uniques Events

Find and Kill Uniques Every Day Every 2 Hours There is White Knight Unique will appear randomly at all the world map , Kill it to win 100 BS
Hunt Uniques Every Day Every 2 Hours there is Kiedmos unique Will appear randomly at all the world map , if you kill it you will win 200 BS and Bot will telling you The next One place privately and after 60 seconds will tell his place to all the players
Random Uniques Every Day Every 2 Hours there is Uniques Appear Randomly For Quests
Unique Event Every Day Every Day at 21.00 CET/CEST Unique Spawn Event at Jangan South Gate

 Best Characters Events

Best STR Every Saturday 8PM GMT+2 You can join by typing $Kotsh reg in all chat to win Best STR Character Scroll for week
Best INT Every Sunday 8PM GMT+2 You can join by typing $Kotsh reg in all chat to win Best INT Character Scroll for week
Best PvP Every Monday 8PM GMT+2 You can join by typing $Kotsh reg in all chat to win Best PVP Character Scroll for week
Best CH Every Tuesday 8PM GMT+2 You can join by typing $Kotsh reg in all chat to win Best CH Character Scroll for week
Best EU Every Wednesday 8PM GMT+2 You can join by typing $Kotsh reg in all chat to win Best EU Character Scroll for week
Best Unique Killer Every Friday Players who got the most points at Uniques Ranking will win

Our innovative rebirth system offers the possibility to get even stronger!
Once you reaced lvl 130 you can do a rebirth to get to level 1 again. Sounds stupid? Wrong!

With every rebirth you will get 3 extra stat points that you can distribute onto STR or INT which increases your damage, hp/mp and defense. Aside of that the skills you had when doing a rebirth will stay!

That means you can get every single skill your race offers and then choose the best of all to make your own unique build!
This opens the way to more different builds like pve or pvp or hybrid builds like in many other games.

Rebirth process is simple:
1. Increase Rebirth Number by 1
2. Set Level and Mastery to 1 (Skills Stay)
3. Set EXP and SP to 0
4. Set Free Stat Points to 0
5. Set STR and INT points to 20
6. Set Extra Points to Rebirth Number * 3


How to Rebirth?
- Talk to Kotsh and say reborn. 
Like that $Kotsh reborn
at all Chat


What you need to reborn?
- You need Reborn Points 
you can get it by voting and Doing Quests and killing uniques


The maximum number of rebirths is currently limited to 50 that means you can get up to 150 extra stat points, that makes a total of 735 stat points for you to distribute.
You can do a unlimited rebirths every day


How to Create D13 Items 

Watch the next video to learn how to create your D13 items

To avoid scamming and if you want give your char to someone to play with

but you scare of geting scammed now you can save your account by adding samll password

you can use $Kotsh lock/1234 to lock and unlock your char

to remove your lock password $Kotsh removelock/1234


- Change 1234 to your own password

- Don't share your lock password with anyone

- GM/EM will never ask you for your passwords so keep it safe

                   150 l.e SET +16 80%
                   100 l.e ACCS +16 80%
                   60 l.e WEAPON +16 80%
                   25 l.e Plus After +16 SET / ACCS
                   50 l.e Plus After +16 Weapon
                   10 l.e 1000 Beta Silk
                   50 l.e 6000 Beta Silk
                   100 l.e 13000 Beta Silk

1. Your Character

1.1 Stats:
- Strength(Str): Gives higher physical damage and more health.
- Intelligence(Int): Gives higher magic damage and more mana.

- Each level you get you gain 5 stats. 2 are distributed automatically, 1 into str and 1 into int. The other 3 stats can be distributed manually.

1.2 Rebirth:
When hitting level 110 or higher you can do a rebirth.
Basicly a rebirth resets your level to 1, resets your Str/Int to 20, resets your Skill Masteries (while skills stay), set EXP and Sp to 0 and set free Stat Points to 0 aswell. But with every rebirth you get extra Stat Points, that means every rebirth makes you stronger. With every rebirth you get 3 extra Stat points (Rb Count * 3 = Extra Points). That means if ou have 10 rebirth you get 30 extra stat points, with 20 rebirth you get 60 etc.
But there is a system that might prevent you from doing a rebirth when hitting 110. To prevent those "uber leet damage kings" that noone can kill i added a so called "Rebirth Equalization System" that ensures that there is always someone with the same rebirth Count as you have.
Now most of you might say "what Oo i didnt get it" well, let me explain more further. For example you have 40 rebirth and there is noone else with that count of rebirth you can do a rebirth and will have to wait till at least another one hits 40 rebirth and at least level 110. The same goes on with higher rebirth counts.
But dont worry, you wont have to wait for another one to get the same rb count as you have until you get 30 rebirth.

1.3 There're five classes of weapons:
- Swords: can equip shields, mental based, double attack
- Daggers: can equip shields, physical based, double attack, lower critical
- Spears: two-handed, highest mental power, higher critical
- Big-swords: two-handed, highest physical power, Slow weapon
- Bows: two-handed, long range, fast attack, relative low physical/mental power

1.4 There're three classes of body equipment:
- Armor: high physical defense, low mental defense.
- Garment: high mental defense, low physical defense.
- protector: balance in physical and mental defense.

1.4.1 Armor set bonuses:
- Full armor set: No bonus.
- Full protector set: -10% mp usage, +10% moving speed.
- Full garment set: -20% mp usage, +20% moving speed.

1.5 Set Item Mods:
- Degree: Used to determine what degree lucky power to use for alchemy.
- Phy. Damage: The Phy. damage range for the weapon.
- Mag. Damage: The Mag. damage range for the weapon.
- Parry: Causes the damage to be minimal from the base damage of the other player or monster. For example if a weapon has a damage range of 100-150 and you have high parry the damage will be closer to the 100 damage range then 150.
- Attack Rating: Opposite of parry the higher your attack rating the better chance of hitting the maximum on your weapons damage range over the enemys parry ratio.
- Block: The higher the better chance you have of blocking an attack.
- Durability: Durability is how long your weapon/armor can last before breaking and needing to be repaired.
- Critical: The chance of hitting a critical hit with your weapon.
- Attack Distance: How close/far your character has be to attack the enemy.
- Phy. Absorb: The percentage of how much physical damage you will absorb rather then take.
- Mag. Absorb: The percentage of how much magical damage you will absorb rather then take.
- Phy. Reinforce: The higher the percent of phy. reinforce the better the physical damage will increase after a successful alchemy/enchant
- Mag. Reinforce: The higher the percent of mag. reinforce the better the magical damage will increase after a successful alchemy/enchant

1.6 Blue Item mods:
- Str x Increase: adds +x amount to Strength.
- Int x Increase: adds +x amount to Intelligence.
- Reduce status: reduce the duration of a status by a percentage.
- Immortal: If upgrade fails prevents equipments from breaking(losing the item).
- Steady: If upgrade fails it prevents equipments from losing durability.
- Lucky: Increase chance of successful upgrade.
- Repair Invalid: Cannot be repaired, durability is much higher than normal.
Immortal, steady and lucky has a number of times use, and when the number reach zero the stat is gone. For Example: Steady(2Time/Times) it would last for 2 alchemy fails.

1.7 Status Effects:
- Burn: You lose some hp every few seconds.
- Darkness: Half's the effect of mana potions for example if your mana pots usually give you 1000 mana back it will only give 500 with the darkness state.
- Electric shock: Lowers parry rate, thus increasing the chance of doing higher damage.
- Freezing: It renders you immobile. IS NOT THE SAME AS STUN.
- Frostbite: Slows you down and decreases your attack speed.
- Poison: Same as burn but damage taken is constant.
- Stun: It renders you immobile and disables the use of items. Level 14 glaive skill has this.
- Zombie: When any hp skills or potion is used, hp is decreased instead of healing you.

1.8 Elements:
- Cold: Lowest damaging element yet most effective cold can cause frostbite and freezing.
- Lightning: Medium damage it can increase the speed of attacks or your character.
- Fire: Highest damaging element can cause burn which does some damage over time.
- Force: Force is just healing and protection for you and others.

1.9 Skill Points and Experience:
- Skill Point Experience: Every time the yellow bar above your experience bar fills you gain 1 skill point.
- Experience: The green bar under your skill point experience bar when it reaches 100% you gain a level for your character.


2. Quests
Normally you wont have to do most of the quests offered as this is a high rate server, but you can do them for sure.
If you need help with Quests please see the quests guide at mmosite.com


3. Alchemy

What is alchemy?
- Alchemy is enchanting you weapon, armor, or accessory.

What does alchemy do?
- If you have ever seen a weapon, armor, or accessory with a (+1), or (+2) etc. after the item name, this is what alchemy does.

How many + can I have on an item?'
- You can have up to a +19 although I've yet to see any this high (without being bought). The highest I have seen is a +12. The + on weapons also gives different color glows depending on how many +s you have. For example a + 3 weapon would give just a nice shiny glow to your weapon.

What does the + after the item name mean?
- This basically means that the item is 1, 2, or 3 etc. levels higher then its current level although it is not as good as an item actually that level would be.

What do I need to do alchemy?
- An item, elixir, and a lucky powder are the only things needed. The lucky powder isn't necessarily needed but it ensures success till +7.

Tips for better success in enchanting:
- Lucky powders: Increases the chances of the alchemy succeeding.
- Steady: If enchanting fails it prevents equipments from losing durability.
- Immortal: If upgrade fails prevents equipments from breaking(losing the item).
- Lucky: Increase chance of successful upgrade.

Now let's learn how to use alchemy on an item. Let's say you want to enchant your level 24 bow. Lets say your bow has 4th degree on it so go to the grocery store in Donwhang and buy a 4th degree lucky powder. Once you buy the lucky powder you need to find or buy a weapon elixir since a bow is a weapon, once you got all of that press "A" and right click the alchemy action; it looks like an open scroll. This will bring up a new box with an empty square this is where you place your bow, so put it in there now. When you place your box in the empty box 2 other boxes will open up this is where you place your weapon elixir and lucky powder. Go ahead and do that, once you have press the Joint button. In the chat window it will let you know if the alchemy succeeded or failed.
If you had +2, +3 etc. and the enchant fails you will loose those +s, durability and even possibly loose the item, I haven't lost the item yet from a failed enchant so it's a low percentage to loose the item. That's about it on enchanting an item, good luck.


5. Tips & Tricks

Buy stuff in a batch.
You don't want to drag arrows into your inventory and type 250 or drag potions to your inventory and type 50. Just hold ctrl and left click on the item and it will buy a stack for you.

Extra Experience Gain Per kill.
Join respective parties, full parties (4 people) give 10% experience gain per kill.

Skill point farming.
Skill point farming is basically gaining skill points faster then experience. Skill point gain is determined by the difference of your highest mastery level to you characters level. The bigger the difference the more skill point experience you will gain and the lower your experience gain will be. The biggest difference is a 9 level difference, for example Bicheon Mastery level 5 and your character level 14 that is the highest level difference and the fastest skill point gain in Silkroad. 

I shall start with elixirs. Elixirs are items that are infused with weapons and armor, to give them an increase in their stats. The types of elixirs are as below:

Weapon Elixir - used to increase weapons stats
Protector Elixir - used to increase armor stats
Shield Elixir - used to increase shield stats
Accessory Elixir - used to increase accessory stats

Now, these elixirs can be found from any monster. They can be sold to NPCs for about 20k. If you have one, you can use it on the specific item stated on the elixir. Pressing "Y" on the keyboard brings up the Alchemy window. Selecting the second tab near the top, called Att. Enhance. Place your item to be enhanced in the right box, and the elixir in the left box that appears. If you want, you can buy a Lucky Powder from the Goods Merchant of any town, depending on the degree of item, and use it as well. Once all the required items are in place, click on the Fuse button, and Voila! Your item should now have a (+1) next to its name.

Tablets and Stones
Now, the next new addition to the alchemy due to the update is the use of stones and tablets. These are what you can find from monsters and buy from NPCs:

Tablets - these come in three different types
Jade - these types of tablets increase stats on the weapons but only specific ones e.g. accuracy, magic reinforce etc.
Ruby - these tablets add special attributes such as STR increases, Attack rating increases etc.
Sapphire - these are extremely rare, and are used to create Drug potions that increase moving speed by a percentage.
Alchemy Items - monsters usually drop these, and when combined with Void Rondo, they produce elements. The elements given depend on the type of item, and the level of the elements.
Elements - there are four in total, Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, and come in a range of levels.
Rondos - these are the breakdown potions, and can be bought from any Grocery merchant. There are two types:
Void - used to breakdown alchemy items into elements.
Destroyer - used to breakdown weapons and armor into elements.

Tablets also vary in levels, just the same as the elements. The tablets require a specific amount of elements, and most of the time in different levels. If you happen to have a tablet and the right amount of elements, then you can create a stone. These stones can be used like elixirs, except they add attributes or effects as listed on the tablet.

To breakdown items to elements, open the alchemy window again (if you need to know how, look up near the top of this guide), and click on the tab listed �Material Processing�. What you notice is that there is a box for the tablet/rondo, and eight boxes for the items/elements. Placing the Void Rondo in the right box, the eight boxes will open, and you can place in the items to breakdown into elements. If the Destroyer Rondo is placed, I think only one box opens for the item. Once everything is placed, you can use the two arrow tabs to select how many you want to break down, or you can click Fuse All.
NOTE: Make sure you have enough space for the elements!
Now, once that is done, and the items are broken down, you can check how many elements you received in your inventory.

Next, if you have the required amount on the tablet, you can make a stone. To see how many you need, and what level, look down near the bottom of the tablet description for the amount.
It should look like this:

Earth Element ( Xrd lvl) XXX unit
Water Element ( Xrd lvl) XXX unit
Fire Element ( Xrd lvl) XXX unit
Wind Element ( Xrd lvl) XXX unit

This will show the elements needed, the level for each, and the amount. To make a stone is just like breaking down the items, instead you place the tablet in the right box. Four boxes should appear, and you place the elements in them. Once fused, a stone should appear in your inventory.
NOTE: Make sure you check the Assimilation Probability percentage, as that is important!!!
Now, to infuse the stone with the item it is designed for, switch tabs to the Att. Enhance, and place the item in the right box. This time, place the stone into the box that opens, and hit fuse. If lucky, it will work, but if not, then it might be due to the probability percentage. If it did work, you can check the new attributes and/or effects on its description. 

I would like to bring everyone into the light about some simple "scams" within the game that everyone can very easily avoid. Most of these types of scams involve one or all of the following things: Players, Player Stalls, Dropping Something, and Trades. Remember, if you fall for one or all of these scams there is nothing anyone can do to help you. All we can do is try to get people aware of what can help. So, pay close attention and read my guide well. I'm open to suggestions on how to improve this guide, but I thought I'd bring it to light to help new players who may not know exactly how the game works just yet. 

EDIT: New Content - Trust.


1. Stall Scams


The 1Unit


Usually involves cheap tricks and slight of "hand" or "mind" tricks.

2. Player Trade and Drop Scams


These usually involve putting double of an item in the trade, getting you to drop an item, or giving you a different in the final trade. 

3. Trade and Merchant Scams

These types can only be explained through specific examples. See the texts below for more information.

4. Text Scams (PMs, Etc, Etc)

This section covers scams involving players pretending to be people they are not or demanding that you do things that shouldn't.

5. Trust Scams 


Scam 11 UNIT


As you can see in the this photo. This guy (who I made no attempt to hide) is trying to scam people using a method called "1 unit". When you buy those items from the shop they are much more than 1 unit. Otherwise how would you count them? Please DO NOT FALL FOR THIS.


As you can see in that photo. The item clearly says 10,000 units.

How to avoid? 

READ! Just read the units!


This scam can't be photo'd because it involves people who will try and "sell" you an item and change the price really quickly just as you try and buy it. Even if the item said "1 Gold" when you drug it to your inventory when it's switched it'll take the full price. Pay very close attention.

How to avoid?

Keep small amounts of money in your inventory. It's that simple. The only other thing you can do is avoid these stalls. Don't get scammed.

-=Player Trade and Drop Scams=-

Scam 1: "IN TRADE PLS"

This isn't always a scam. Sometimes people just don't want to use a stall, but most people have no problem with it and will use it if you insist. HOWEVER! If they insist that you use trade and do not want to put it in a stall at all. They're probably trying to scam you in some way. This can also involve DOUBLE items in the trade. First they put up the real item, then take it away when you accept, and put in a fake. It's annoying.

How to avoid?

Use the STALL. Check your trades CLOSELY. Before you make that final click LOOK AT THE ITEMS.

Scam 2"I want to see your (insert item) drop it"

It's true people really do this. Someone will randomly want to see some expensive item you have on and ask you to drop it on the ground so they can "look at it". 

How to avoid?

DON'T EVER DROP ITEMS ON THE GROUND THAT YOU WANT TO KEEP. Once it's on the ground ANYONE can take it from you. It's simple. Don't drop your item. 

Scam 3"Hey I can COPY your item" or "TRUST GAME" (which is also the same scam)

A lot of people will TRY and entice you to GIVE them items by saying things like "Hey, I can DUPE that for you" or "You give me items and I give you two back" or anything along those lines. They're simply trying to scam you. It cannot be done. This is also true with gold. Do not believe these people. You cannot dupe items or gold. 

Occasionally some people do double other peoples' gold out of sheer "lolz" I have done it before myself. Most of the time they don't trust you so they give you like 20,000GP. However, MOST OF THE TIME THIS IS A SCAM DO NOT FALL FOR IT.

Sometimes they will also include a friend who "does the trick" and says that the other person really can do it! Don't fall for this either. 

How to avoid?

If someone is trying get you to give them ANYTHING for ANY reason DO NOT do it. No one can dupe, no one will double your gold, and they will not give your items back in a trust game. Don't fall for it.

-=Player Trade and Merchant Scams=-

Example 1Player A, Player B

Now, this one doesn't happen too often, but it does in the "merchanting" world. Merchanting is basically what I love to do in Silkroad. It's a great deal of fun, however, some people like to prey on these people. This type of thing will involve two people who are attempting to entice you into buying something that's either A; Not worth anything or B; Just not worth what they're attempting to sell it for whilst another person wants to buy said item for waayyyy more. This isn't ALWAYS a scam, but it is a good fraction of the time. Be very careful.

How to avoid?

Think for a moment. If that guy was selling it and he was buying it.. Why didn't he sell it to that guy? It's common sense. You can also watch the market prices. Obviously paying close attention to the price of items being sold will help you in noticing this kind of thing. 

-=Player Text & Messaging Scams=-

Example 1I'm a GM! DO WHAT I TELL YOU!

Whilst it is not uncommon for a GM to message a bot or what have you, they will not message you for absolutely no particular reason, and if they do you can usually ask them to PROVE they're a GM which I ***ure you, they will probably do. GMs will never ask for your p***word, they will never ask for your account info at all, and most of all they do not want any of your items. They're GMs. Simple as that. NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR ACCOUNT INFO TO ANYONE.

Example 2:Drop all your stuff and press alt+f4 and you'll get gold!

Yea... In case you didn't already know ALT+F4 closes most if not all applications. If you do this you'll lose all your items and your game will be closed. Don't fall for this. It's an evil scam. There's no magic button for free gold or exp.

Example 3If you don't "blah, blah" I'll ban you, I'm GM!

Once again.. I have to ask you. Can this person prove they're a GM? I'm pretty sure they can teleport you or themselves to you. Does their name include the GM logo? Is their text pink? (There was a rare occurrence back on ISRO where this was a hack so don't trust it in it's entirety.) Unless you're cheating or annoying a GM in some manor. The GMs will NEVER do this.

-=Trusting Scams=-

Here's the Scenario. Your friend in-game wants your item to do "X" with it. You reluctantly give them the item. When you expect back, they don't give it back. What can you do? You gave it to them.

How to avoid?

It's simple. Just because people ACT like your friend in game you, doesn't really mean you should be GIVING them your Items for any reason. You cannot trust everyone. Just because they're in your union or guild DOES NOT mean they're trust worthy. Be careful guys.




To fix this,
Create shortcut of ur sro_client.exe, right click it > properties and add this : 0 /22 0 0 behind the "Adress"

Like This:
"D:\Silkroad\sro_client.exe" 0 /22 0 0

(Yours may be different, depending on where you installed the game to.)

Note: There is a space before the first "0" And you must include the " marks around D:\Silkroad\sro_client.exe


As we all know, vSRO servers have the c7 error. This error is blocking your IP from the server so the easiest and simplest way to bypass it is to change the IP. That is an easy task for those that have dynamic IP.

If you don't have dynamic IP you will need a program that does that for you using a proxy system. There are few program over the internet such as: HOTspot Shield, PROxpn, etc.

In BetaSRO you can get Free Beta Silk on 2 ways:

  • Vote for us
  • Stay online ingame

Once every 12 hours you can Vote for us and earn Vote Points (a.k.a VP) which then can be exchanged for Silk!
For each Vote you get 15 VP, with a total of 6 links this equals 90 VP every 12 hours. For 5 VP you get 1 Silk that means you can get up to 36 free Silk a day!

[Stay online ingame]
For every 60 minutes you stay online in BetaSRO you get 3 free Silk. Every day one player is selected randomly that gets 5 Silk every 60 Minutes for that day.
That means only by being online you can earn 72 free Silk a day! And if you're lucky you can even get another 48 free Silk on top!

Rules, Banreasons and Bandurations

1. Botting is allowed , IP-Limit for max. 3 Accounts.
2. You are not allowed to go to the Fortress War with multiple Chars!
3. Do not abuse any bug or use hacks! (Bots / Petfilter are allowed (check rule 1))
4. We take the right to ban and delete your account at any time.
5. Cheating at Job Quests or Trades (killing the own chars / Trades etc.) is forbidden
6. Do not cheat at the CTF-Event (multichars or joining a party from the opponent team)!
7. If you disconnect while you are at Medusa we will not teleport you back!
8. Multi-Accounting in our Forum is forbidden!
9. Outside buffs in PvP are not allowed!
10. Account trading & selling is strongly forbidden as from now, if we catch you we will perma ban your whole accounts.
11. Impersonating will end in a permanent IP block.
12. Do not beg for events, items or plvl.
14. Be friendly and try to act mature.
15. Items selling for real money is strongly forbidden as from now, if we catch you we will perma ban your whole accounts.
16. Gold selling and buying is forbidden (Could lead you to a perma IP ban)
17. For Trades, you can ask GMs for being Middleman so you can't become scammed.
18. Do not advertise for other sites/servers.
19. No Spam in Global or PM (If you spam a GM you will be banned).
20. Do not Insult.
21. Multi Clients are allowed (max. 3).
22. Insult Gods = Ban For Ever

Server Stats

  • PlayerOnline: 493 /1000
  • SupportOnline: 0 /0
  • D 14 / Cap 130
  • CH & EU
  • EXP/SP 15x
  • PT Exp 16x
  • Speed 2.2x
  • Gold/Drop 2x
  • Free BetaSilk/Hour
  • Alchemy Rate 1x
  • Start Items
  • Forgotten World Enabled
  • Tradegoods Enabled
  • Magic-Pop Disabled


  • Time: 00:59:00
  • Fortress:
  • Register: Friday 06:00 - 18:00
  • CTF:

Weekly Tournament



Normal Uniques
Titan Uniques


  • Phone: 01062980601
  • Skype: PureSRO2013
  • Email: Send Mail