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Guide for NPCs



At DW There is some of NPCs

i will guide you some info about them


1- Aqua Manger NPC

this npc for Aqua quests 

this Quests will talk about it in other Post at FAQ page

There is shop too at this NPC for titles and selling Premiums for Gold

betasro npc



2- Archimedes NPC

This NPC selling Moon Items (Weapons , Set's , Acc's)

When you buy this weapons you will get extra Buffs on the weapon

like Sockets its New buffs i think you will like it


beta sro weaponsbetasro set accs



3- Skill Points Exchanger NPC

This NPC selling Scrolls to change your skill points to Silk's

Yes Silk's for your SP its mean Free Silks for buying avatars and other Silk items



 4- Aqua Free Silk Store

This NPC selling many items for Free silk

this free silk you can get it from Free silk room 

by killing Mobs there and pick it up



5- Coin item Manger NPC

This NPC selling Stones and ADV's for Arena Coins

so any thing about plusing go to this NPC



 6- Avatar Market NPC

This NPC selling Avatars for silks



7- Sharnoy NPC

This NPC selling Stones like immortals 

For Uniques Coins 

by killing Uniques you will get coins 

so you can use it there



Rules, Banreasons and Bandurations

1. Botting is allowed , IP-Limit for max. 3 Accounts.
2. You are not allowed to go to the Fortress War with multiple Chars!
3. Do not abuse any bug or use hacks! (Bots / Petfilter are allowed (check rule 1))
4. We take the right to ban and delete your account at any time.
5. Cheating at Job Quests or Trades (killing the own chars / Trades etc.) is forbidden
6. Do not cheat at the CTF-Event (multichars or joining a party from the opponent team)!
7. If you disconnect while you are at Medusa we will not teleport you back!
8. Multi-Accounting in our Forum is forbidden!
9. Outside buffs in PvP are not allowed!
10. Account trading & selling is strongly forbidden as from now, if we catch you we will perma ban your whole accounts.
11. Impersonating will end in a permanent IP block.
12. Do not beg for events, items or plvl.
14. Be friendly and try to act mature.
15. Items selling for real money is strongly forbidden as from now, if we catch you we will perma ban your whole accounts.
16. Gold selling and buying is forbidden (Could lead you to a perma IP ban)
17. For Trades, you can ask GMs for being Middleman so you can't become scammed.
18. Do not advertise for other sites/servers.
19. No Spam in Global or PM (If you spam a GM you will be banned).
20. Do not Insult.
21. Multi Clients are allowed (max. 3).
22. Insult Gods = Ban For Ever

Server Stats

  • PlayerOnline: 40 /1000
  • SupportOnline: 0 /0
  • D 10 / Cap 100
  • CH Only
  • EXP/SP 17x
  • PT Exp 40x
  • Speed Normal
  • Gold/Drop 2x
  • Alchemy Rate 1x
  • Start Items
  • Tradegoods Enabled
  • Magic-Pop Disabled


  • Time: 19:48:42
  • Fortress:
  • Register: Friday 06:00 - 18:00
  • CTF:

Weekly Tournament