General Questions/Guides

Hello BetaSRO Players 

We Here To Tell you Some Tips To Start The Game Easy

Game is Very easy you just need somethings to be max plus

you will know everything at this Guide :)

Max Weapon is +14 adv Seal of Sun 

max Set/Accs is +12 Seal of Sun

You can get it by upgrade system and plus scrolls

To buy this scroll you need Arena Coins And Job Coins

I will tell you how to get them


-First Will Start With How To Get Arena Coins
Arena Coin You can get it through the following list

1-Killing Uniques
When you Kill Any Unique in Game Will Drop Arena Coin For You.

2-Join Holy Water Temple
When You Enter Holy Water Temple you Will Find There 5 Uniques When You Kill Them Drop those items
-Arena Coins
-Set Box
-Accessory Box
-Weapon Box
Each Box From Those Boxes Give you Some Arena Coin And Part of Type The Box Like Weapon You will Get D12 Weapon +5 Nova

3-Jupiter Temple
Jupiter Temple You Can Teleport There From Jangan then Enter in Zealot's Hideout Room
There You Will Find 3 Room's inside Each Room Spawn Unique Like Baal & Babillion & Zielkiaxe Each Unique Drop Arena And Spawn Every 5 mints

4-Event Reward
When You Win in Events doing by [GM] Or [EM] You Get Some Arena Coins As A Reward


-Second How To Get Job Coin
Job Coins You can get it through the following list

1-Doing Trades
When You Doin Trade In any kind Of Job Like Thief , Huner , Trade You Get Job Coins

2-Job Temple Quest
Job Temple You Can Go There From Alexandira You Must Wear The Job Suit For Hunters&Traders You Can Enter From Reg Eggre in Alexandria and Thief's From Black Eggre
By Doing The Quest You Earn 25~50 Job Coin Each Quest You Done and You can Do it full time no have Limit for it

3-Event Reward
There Some Kind Of Events Only [GM]Kotsh Doing it There Reward for it By Job Coins


-Third How To Get Gold
Gold You can get it through the following list

1-Doing Trades
When You Doing Trade its Give You A good amount From gold

2-Attack in Mobs
When you Doing Bot on Mobs You Will Get Some Gold Cuze Gold Rate is Very high


-Some Questions Come to Players mind

-Im new and i Dont i Need D12 Weapon
There Quest you Can Find it in Quest Manger inside Jangan Named Starter Weapon Quest When you Do this Quest its Give You D12 Weapon+12 FB 100% Stats 80% To Can Start Ur Game Powerfull

-i Need To Lvl Up
There Room you Can Teleport There From Jangan Room Named PLVL Area There Mobs With High EXP&SP Rate

-How To Get Elixir
There is No Elixir in Our Game If You Need To Make + For Ur items You Will Find + Stone in NPC inside Jangan Named BetaSRO Shop Manger There u will Find the + Sone and you Will be able to make your items +

-How To Get ADV Elixir
you Can Get Adv Elixir by Doing Quest in Holy Water Temple You Can Find The Quest in Quest Manger At Jangan

-i need to Make my set Full Blue
You Can To get Full Blue Scroll Also By Doing Quest You WIll Find it in Quest Manger at Jangan

-How To Earn Rank EXP & how to know my EXP Rank ?
To Know Your Rank Send myrank to Kotsh Like This $Kotsh myrank
he Will Send You Message With Your Rank EXP and Rank LVL
RANK EXP You can Earn it through the following list

By Doing Trades you Will Earn Some Rank EXP

2-Job kills
When you Kill Some One With Job Suit u Will Earn Some RANK EXP

3-Event Reward
When you Win in Any Event Doing By [GM] Or [EM] You Get Some RANK EXP

-How To Get Honor Buff ?
You Can Get Honor Buff Buy Playing in Our New Random Pvp System
To Start The Pvp You Have to Pm Kotsh With pvp For The First Time Only Like This $Kotsh pvp
Then you have to be Ready so Send ready to Kotsh like This $Kotsh ready
you Will Get A Message like This You Have Registared Please Wait till you got teleport
If you didnt Teleport and Want To Cancel The Registration Type Cancel to Kotsh Like This $Kotsh Cancel
if you Stuck inside And The Other Player Got DC Or you cant get out of room you can Type out to Kotsh Like This $Kotsh Out

-GM There is no HP or MP Grain in NPC how can i get it ??
You Can Get HP & MP Grain By Doing Easy Quest you Will Find it in Quest Manger At Jangan

Hello Everyone :)

مرحبا بالجميع -

Now i will show you how to create new account at BetaSRO

 الان سوف اريكم كيفية عمل حساب جديد في بيتا سرو -

First you must click Register Button on the top left side

 اولا عليك ان تقوم بالضغط علي زر التسجيل اعلي اليمين في الصفحة -

Then You must fill your Data here 

 بعد ذالك عليك ان تقوم بكتابة بياناتك -

write your Username and Your email (Must be Vaild) and your password and type the code at the picture

اكتب اسم المستخدم الذي تريده و الايميل الخاص بك و يجب ان يكون صحيح و كلمة السر و الكود الذي يوجد في الصورة -

You can also register by your facebook account easly

 يمكنك ايضا التسجيل من خلال حساب الفيسبوك الخاص بك بكل سهولة -

Then you will get message in your Email inbox with Link Please Click it to Confirm Your account

 بعد ذالك سوف تستلم رسالة علي البريد الخاص بك و بيها رابط يجب عليك الضغط عليه لاتمام عملية التسجيل -

The Link will back you again to BetaSRO site and asking you to Write password for game (You can put same password that you used before)

الرابط سوف يقوم بارسالك مرة اخري الي الموقع الخاص باللعبة و هنا يجب عليك كتابة كلمة السر التي سوف تقوم باستخدمها في اللعبة (يمكنك استخدام نفس كلمة سر الموقع)1 -

After that you can login Game with out any problems 

 بعد ذالك تستطيع الدخول الي اللعبة بدون اي مشاكل -

Hello everyone :)

All love to change his build anytime he want

yea you can now change your build in 2 min

but it will cost you Some gold :D

So we bring to you new system to change everything for you


Note : 

-You can change only D12 Sun Items
- If your weapon got New Look or Color Effect you will lose it
-If your Weapon Got Advanced you will lose it


How it works ? 

Put the item you want to change at first slot at your inventory

then type in chat this command $Kotsh to/.....


to any weapon or item you want and boom your item changed




How much is it ? 

25 Billion Gold per item


What is the Change Codes i must write ?

There is Table of Change codes you must type it like that 

$Kotsh To/Code


Chinese Weapons Example : $Kotsh to/spear


blade Blade
sword Sword
glaive Glaive
spear Spear
bow Bow
chshield Chinese Shield


Chinese Acceissroy Example : $Kotsh to/chring


chring Chinese Ring
chneck Chinese Necklace
chearr Chinese Earrings


Chinese Set Example : $Kotsh to/CH_M_ARMOR_HEAD


CH_M_ARMOR_HEAD CH Male Armor Head
CH_M_ARMOR_SHOULDER CH Male Armor Shoulder
CH_M_ARMOR_CHEST CH Male Armor Chest
CH_M_ARMOR_LEGS CH Male Armor Legs
CH_M_ARMOR_HAND CH Male Armor Hands
CH_M_ARMOR_FOOT CH Male Armor Foots
CH_M_PROTACTOR_HEAD CH Male Protactor Head
CH_M_PROTACTOR_SHOULDER CH Male Protactor Shoulder
CH_M_PROTACTOR_CHEST CH Male Protactor Chest
CH_M_PROTACTOR_LEGS CH Male Protactor Legs
CH_M_PROTACTOR_HAND CH Male Protactor Hands
CH_M_PROTACTOR_FOOT CH Male Protactor Foots
CH_M_GERMANT_HEAD CH Male Germant Head
CH_M_GERMANT_SHOULDER CH Male Germant Shoulder
CH_M_GERMANT_CHEST CH Male Germant Chest
CH_M_GERMANT_LEGS CH Male Germant Legs
CH_M_GERMANT_HAND CH Male Germant Hands
CH_M_GERMANT_FOOT CH Male Germant Foots
CH_W_ARMOR_HEAD CH Female Heavy Armor Head
CH_W_ARMOR_SHOULDER CH Female Heavy Armor Shoulder
CH_W_ARMOR_CHEST CH Female Heavy Armor Chest
CH_W_ARMOR_LEGS CH Female Heavy Armor Legs
CH_W_ARMOR_HAND CH Female Heavy Armor Hands
CH_W_ARMOR_FOOT CH Female Heavy Armor Foots
CH_W_PROTACTOR_HEAD CH Female Protactor Head
CH_W_PROTACTOR_SHOULDER CH Female Protactor Shoulder
CH_W_PROTACTOR_CHEST CH Female Protactor Chest
CH_W_PROTACTOR_LEGS CH Female Protactor Legs
CH_W_PROTACTOR_HAND CH Female Protactor Hands
CH_W_PROTACTOR_FOOT CH Female Protactor Foots
CH_W_GERMANT_HEAD CH Female Germant Head
CH_W_GERMANT_SHOULDER CH Female Germant Shoulder
CH_W_GERMANT_CHEST CH Female Germant Chest
CH_W_GERMANT_LEGS CH Female Germant Legs
CH_W_GERMANT_HAND CH Female Germant Hand
CH_W_GERMANT_FOOT CH Female Germant Foots


Europe Weapons Example : $Kotsh to/2hsword


clierc Clierc
staff Two Hand Staff
1hsword 1 Hand Sword
2hsword 2 Hand Sword
warlock Dark Staff Warlock
crossbow Crossbow
dagger Dagger
harp Harp
axe Axe
eushield Europ Shield


Europe Acceissory Example : $Kotsh to/euearr


euring Europe Ring
euneck Europe Necklace
euearr Europe Earrings


Europe Set Example : $Kotsh to/EU_M_HEAVY_SHOULDER


EU_M_HEAVY_HEAD EU Male Heavy Armor Head
EU_M_HEAVY_SHOULDER EU Male Heavy Armor Shoulder
EU_M_HEAVY_CHEST EU Male Heavy Armor Chest
EU_M_HEAVY_LEGS EU Male Heavy Armor Legs
EU_M_HEAVY_HAND EU Male Heavy Armor Hands
EU_M_HEAVY_FOOT EU Male Heavy Armor Foots
EU_M_LIGHT_HEAD EU Male Light Armor Head
EU_M_LIGHT_SHOULDER EU Male Light Armor Shoulder
EU_M_LIGHT_CHEST EU Male Light Armor Chest
EU_M_LIGHT_LEGS EU Male Light Armor Legs
EU_M_LIGHT_HAND EU Male Light Armor Hands
EU_M_LIGHT_FOOT EU Male Light Armor Foots
EU_M_ROBE_HEAD EU Male Robe Head
EU_M_ROBE_SHOULDER EU Male Robe Shoulder
EU_M_ROBE_CHEST EU Male Robe Chest
EU_M_ROBE_LEGS EU Male Robe Legs
EU_M_ROBE_HAND EU Male Robe Hands
EU_M_ROBE_FOOT EU Male Robe Foots
EU_W_HEAVY_HEAD EU Female Heavy Armor Head
EU_W_HEAVY_SHOULDER EU Female Heavy Armor Shoulder
EU_W_HEAVY_CHEST EU Female Heavy Armor Chest
EU_W_HEAVY_LEGS EU Female Heavy Armor Legs
EU_W_HEAVY_HAND EU Female Heavy Armor Hands
EU_W_HEAVY_FOOT EU Female Heavy Armor Foots
EU_W_LIGHT_HEAD EU Female Light Armor Head
EU_W_LIGHT_SHOULDER EU Female Light Armor Shoulder
EU_W_LIGHT_CHEST EU Female Light Armor Chest
EU_W_LIGHT_LEGS EU Female Light Armor Legs
EU_W_LIGHT_HAND EU Female Light Armor Hands
EU_W_LIGHT_FOOT EU Female Light Armor Foots
EU_W_ROBE_HEAD EU Female Robe Head
EU_W_ROBE_SHOULDER EU Female Robe Shoulder
EU_W_ROBE_CHEST EU Female Robe Chest
EU_W_ROBE_LEGS EU Female Robe Legs
EU_W_ROBE_HAND EU Female Robe Hand
EU_W_ROBE_FOOT EU Female Robe Foots


Hello Everyone :)

مرحبا بالجميع - 

After Login to your account

بعد ان تقوم بالدخول بحسابك -

you can choose between two races CH or EU

يمكنك ان تقوم باختيار اذا كنت ان تريد شخصية صينية ام اوروبية -

After that you Choose Name for your Character and Customize it

بعد ذالك يمكنك ان تختار اسم لشخصيتك و تغير حجمها و شكلها -

You will find your char is Level 101 with 300 State Points

سوف تجد ان الشخصية ليفيل 101 مع 300 ساتاتس بوينتس -

After pressing start button you will get in the game and here is the start items you can start with

بعد الضغط علي زر البدء سوف تجد بحوزتك بعض الاشياء التي يمكنك البدء بيها في اللعبة -

  1. 10 Speed Typoon

  2. 4000 x-Large HP

  3. 4000 x-Large MP

  4. 50 Reverse Scroll

  5. 5% Begginer Premium

  6. Avatar Dress

  7. Avatar Hat

  8. 1.000.000 Gold

  9. 2.000.000 Skill Points

Also you will find Bronze Rank Buff with Bronze word near your title (we will expline it later)

مع الذكر انك سوف تجد باف جديدة باسم برونز و هذه سوف نقوم بشرحها لاحقا -

After that you can move to D11 Items NPC next to you to buy D11 Nova Items for 1000 gold only

بعد ذالك يمكنك البدء بالتحرك الي ان بي سي الديجري 11 حتي تقوم بشراء الايتم و هي ديجري 11 نوفا ب 1000 جولد فقط -

Hello Everyone :)

مرحبا بالجميع

1 - How to use Plus Stones

1- طريقة استخدام البلص ستون

You have to go to BetaSRO shop NPC 

عليك ان تذهب الي بيتا سرو شوب اولا

Buy Plus Stone any plus you want 

قم بشراء بلص ستون حسب البلاص الذي تريده

Then Put the Item you want to plus at the first place on the left at your inventory 

بعد ذالك قم بوضع السلاح في اول مكان في الشنطة علي الشمال فوق

Then press Right Click on the Plus stone

بعد ذالك قم بالضغط كليك يمين علي الاستون

After that you will get teleported back to your main town

and you will get Message from Bot Kotsh Telling you Plus Success

بعد ذالك سوف يقوم النظام بارسالك للمدينة الخاصة بك و سوف تستلم رسالة من البوت كوتش تفيد بانه تم عملة البلاص بنجاح


-Scroll Must be more +1 Only than your item

-If Your item Plus higher than Scroll Will be failed

Example : if Weapon plus +5 and you use +10 scroll will be failed 
Weapon must be +9 to Success


Hello Everyone :)

مرحبا بالجميع

First go to BetaSRO Shop at Upgrade tab

اولا اذهب لتاجر بيتا سرو شوب و اختار ابجريد تاب

There is 3 Upgrade Scrolls 

هناك 3 انواع من الابجريد سكرول

  1. D11 Nova to D12 Seal of Star (Must be Nova +6)

  2. D12 Seal of Star to D12 Seal of Moon (Must be SOS +9)

  3. D12 Seal of Moon to D12 Seal of Sun (Must be SOM +10)

Nova to SOS



After That You should put your item at first place at invenotry on the left (Take care of Min plus for upgrade)

And press right click on The upgrade scroll

بعد ذالك عليك ان تضع الايم المراد عمل ابجريد لها في اول مكان في الشنطة علي الشمال و خد بالك من اقل بلص مطلوب لعملية الابجريد
و اضغط علي الابجريد سكرول كليك يمين

You will get teleported to your main town

And you will get message from Bot Kotsh telling you your upgrade success

سوف يقوم النظام بارسالك الي المدينة التابع اليها و سوف تصلك رسالة من البوت كوتش تفيد بانه تم ترقية الايتم بنجاح

Note : You will lose 2 Plus of your item plus after the upgrade

ملاحظة : سوف يتم خصم 2 بلاص من الايتم التي تقوم بترقيتها

Hello Everyone :)

اهلا بالجميع

At BetaSRO there is new System calling rank system

الان في بيتا سرو نظام جديد اسمة الرانك

there is 5 Ranks ( Bronze , Silver , Gold , Platinum , Master )

 في 5 رنكات و هما برونز و سيلفر و جولد و بلاتينيوم و ماستر

When you create new char you start with Bronze Rank

عند عمل شخصية جديدة بتنزل برانك برونز

To level up to the next Rank you need to Work more harder than standing at Towns

من اجل الحصول علي رانك اعلي عليك ان تقوم ببعض الاعمل اصعب من انك تقف في البلاد و حسب

So you must Hunt Uniques and Doing Job by Doing Trade or Kill while you wearing Job suit

and winning at events like auto events or gm events

اذا عندما تقوم بقتل اليونيكات و عمل التريدات و قتل اعداك في التريدات او انك تكسب في بعض الايفنتات اذا كانت من قبل الجي ام او الايفنتات الاوتوماتيكية 

when you do something from that you will be rewarded by EXP when you reach the amount of level you will 

level up to the next rank

عندما تقوم بعمل شئ من هذا فانك تحصل علي اي اكس بي و عندما تحقق المطلوب من الاي اكس بي يقوم النظام بترقيتك اللي الرانك التالي

Now i will tell you the EXP for every Rank

الان سوف اقوم بسرد الاي اكس بي المطلوب لكل رانك

Bronze to Silver >> 10.000 EXP

Silver to Gold >> 20.000 EXP

Gold to Platinum >> 30.000 EXP

Platinum to Master >> 40.000 EXP

To Get your rank

Write at All chat $Kotsh myrank

Rank 1 = Bronze
Rank 2 = Silver
Rank 3 = Gold
Rank 4 = Platinum
Rank 5 = Master


Hello Everyone:)

Do you want get some Arena Coins and Exp at your Rank and Honor Academy Points ?

So go to Challenge some players for it

You can go to this area by Join the event by typing 

$Kotsh pvp

then type 

$Kotsh ready

you will be teleported to this map vs someone you have to kill him

When you kill him you will teleport back to your main town

If you die he will tell you to reg again

Note : Please dont forget to create academy to get honor buff points

Event Commands

$Kotsh pvp (For register 1 time only)

$Kotsh ready (To enter the area when you ready)

$Kotsh reward (To get your rewards if you killed someone)

$Kotsh out (if you want to Surrender or buged there)


1- you will get 5 Arena coins if you killed Bronze Enemy and if he is Higher rank your reward will be 5 Arena x His Rank Level
(Example : if you killed someone Gold you will get 15 Arena Coins because his rank level 3 * 5 Arena = 15 Arena)

2- You will get 10 Exp at BetaSRO Rank and same as Arena if you killed someone high at Rank you will get more EXP

3- Academy Points 5 Academy points each kill and lose 1 academy if you dead there


Vote System is Easy and you can get 100 Arena Coins for 300 Vote points

نظام التصويت او الفوت سهل جدا و يمكنك ان تربح 100 ارينا من 300 فوت بوينتس

Let me show you how

خليني اريك كيف

You have to login your account at Game Site

عليك ان تسجل دخول بالاكونت الخاص بك علي الموقع

Go to vote page will be like that

اذهب الي صفحة التصويت او الفوت بيج

Then Click any link from This vote links

بعد ذالك اضغط علي اي الرابط في الصفحة

You will be transfare to the next page and you must wait till counter finish and fix the capitcha right

سوف يقوم بتحويلك الصفحة الخاصة بالرابط و يجب عليك انتظار العداد حتي ينتهي من العد و في خلال هذا الوقت قوم بحل الكابيتشا الخاصة بالموقع

After That Press Vote For BetaSRO when you done it right

you should transfare back to vote page and must be like that 

عند الانتهاء من هذه المرحلة كما بالصورة قم بالضغط علي زر التصويت للعبة

سوف يقوم بتحويلك مرة اخري لصفحة التصويت و يجب ان تكون بهذا الشكل

To Convert your Vote Points to Arena Coins you need 300 Vote Points

من اجل تحويل النقاط الي ارينا كوين يجب ان تمتلك 300 بوينت

when you got them go to the game and write in chat

عندما تمتلك ال 300 نقطة اذهب الي اللعبة و اكتب في الشات التالي

$Kotsh vote

And Kotsh will give you your rewards if you have the 300 Vote points

كوتش سوف يعطيك الارينا كوين و يكتب انك اخد الهدية كما في الصورة

You can convert 1 Time every 24h

تستطيع ان تقوم بالتحويل مرة واحدة كل 24 ساعة

Cash back system for Ranks Is really Awesome

نظام الكاش باك للرنكات رائع جدا

You can get cash back when you pay for something BetaSRO Shop Manger

تستطيع ان تاخد نسبة استرجاع علي المشتريات من الانبي سي بيتا سرو شوب مانجر

and the rate depends on your rank

و النسبة تختلف حسب رانك الخاص بك

Bronze rate > 2%
Silver rate > 6%
Gold rate > 8%
Platinum rate > 10%
Master rate > 16%

How its work : 

طريقة العمل :

Buy anything from BetaSRO Shop Manger

اشتري اي شئ من انبي سي بيتا سرو شوب

Check how many you have to convert 
write at all chat $Kotsh mycash

عشان تعرف معاك قد اية اكتب الكود
$Kotsh mycash

Then if you have more than 100m you can convert it by 
write at all chat $Kotsh cashback

بعد ذالك لو معاك اكتر من 100 مليون جولد اكتب
$Kotsh mycash

Remember :

تذكر ان

you must have more than 100m to take it

يجب عليك ان يكون معك اكثر من 100 مليون حتي تستطيع السحب

You shouldn't wear job suit while you converting

يجب عليك ان لا تكون ترتدي زي الجوب اثناء السحب

There is Some quests at the server helping you at somethings

lets see what is it and how to do it

First the NPC of quests is at Jangan and his name Quests Manger


(1) 1Day Gold TIme Quest 

You must Kill 200 Weneg Monster at Alexandria
Rewards : 1Day Gold Time Hand for EXP


(2) Vigor HP/MP Potions Quest

You have to kill 200 Ong Monsters at Samrkand
Rewards : 100 HP Potions / 100 MP Potions


(3) Full Blue Quest

You have to kill 5 Tiger Woman and 5 Captian Ivy and 5 Uruchi
Rewards : Full Blue Scroll


Wolfs Hunter Quest

The Quest is very Simple at first you have to active the Quest From Quest Manger u Will Find it Jangan Front of Event So Ok 

Open The Quest Manger u will Find The Quest inside Named Wolfs Killer Quest

you Can make the Quest Twice a day
you have to kill 500 Bonecrusher Monster & 50 Bonecrusher Champions
quest give you 40 arena each time so when u make it twice u get 80 arena coin daily 

Also u will find The Bonecrusher Monster in samarkand and Constantinople


Hello Guys

اهلا بالشباب

Now you can lock your char even if you give your friend your pw he cant exg or drop anything

الان يمكنك وضع قفل علي الحساب الخاص بك حتي اذا اعطيت صديقك الحساب لا يستطيع سحب اي شي من الشخصية يستطيع اللعب فقط

Type at all chat !lock pass 

اكتب في الشات العام !lock pass 

Like that !lock 4444 

4444 will be your password change it as you want

الرقم ال 4444 دا هيبقي الباص يمكنك تغيرة لي اي شئ تريدة

to unlock write !unlock 4444

لفتح القفل تكتب في الشات !unlock 4444

Remember if you forget your password you cant unlock it

تذكر ان لو نسيت كلمة السر لا يمكنك فتح القفل نهائي


if you forget it please PM [GM] and he will send you the lock pass to your register email

اذا نسيت كلمة السر للقفل كلم الجي ام و سوف يقوم بارسال كلمة سر القفل الي الايميل الخاص بك الذي قمت بالتسجيل بك

Hello BetaSRO Legendery

اهلا بالاشباح

You can find Thief Boss Killa at his area 
you can teleport to this area from Jangan

تستطيع ان تجد اليونيك في مكانة
تقدر تسافر للمكان دا من جنجان

when you teleport you have to kill Thief Boss Killa

عندما تسافر الي هناك يجب عليك قتل اليونيك

he will drop 3 Boxs 

سوف يقوم بتوقيع 3 صناديق


1- Boss Weapon Box

2- Boss Set Box

3- Boss Acc Box

When you open this boxs there is 70% Luck Rate to win SOS wep or set part or acc part
and 30 Arena coins

عند فتح الصناديق هناك فرصة بنسبة 70% انك تلاقي سلاح او حتة من السيت او الاكسيسوري و 30 ارينا كوين

or if you wasnt lucky you will get 30 arena coins only

او اذا لم تكن جيد الحظ سوف تكسب 30 ارينا كوين

At the end please Be Happy and have Fun
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في النهاية اتمني انك تكون سعيد
و يا ريت لو تشارك الموضوع و اللعبة مع اصحابك

Hello Guys

This Guide about The Newst system Referral System

What is Referral System mean ?


Its mean when you invite someone to BetaSRO
and he put you as you Referral you will get Reward


What is Referral System reward ?

If User level up to Silver rank you will get 150 Silk
if user donate you will get 5% of his donate


How it works ?

Follow the next pictures you will understand

To Set someone as you Referral Write $Kotsh ref/Name

Note: His name must be Right Capital is Capital and Small is Small

When someone put you as Referral you will get Message 

and when he level up to silver rank you will get the silk 

Have Fun please

Hello Guys

There is new 10 Effects released
you can choose one of them and Dye your Day :D


-Holy Water Temple 
We made A New Quest inside Holy water temple To Make ur Game more fun 
You Can Find The Quest inside Jangan in Quest Manger Front of Event So-Ok

Now you Have To Active the Quest

When you Active the Quest You Have to Enter Holy Water Temple To Finish it But Remember its Not Easy Quest
And We Changed The Teleport Place u will Find it inside Jangan now To Save your time 

Holy Water Temple Uniques Drop
1-Arena Coins
2-Nova Set Box
3-Nova Weapon Box
4-Nova Accessory Box
5-Quest item

Rules, Banreasons and Bandurations

1. Botting is allowed , PC-Limit for max. 8 Accounts.
2. Do not abuse any bug or use hacks! (Bots / Petfilter are allowed (check rule 1))
3. We take the right to ban and delete your account at any time.
4. Cheating at Job Quests or Trades (killing the own chars / Trades etc.) is forbidden
5. Do not cheat at the CTF-Event (multichars or joining a party from the opponent team)!
6. If you disconnect while you are at Medusa we will not teleport you back!
7. Multi-Accounting in our Forum is forbidden!
8. Outside buffs in PvP are not allowed!
9. Account trading & selling is strongly forbidden as from now, if we catch you we will perma ban your whole accounts.
10. Insult Gods = Ban For Ever
11. You are not allowed to go to the Fortress War with multiple Chars!
12. Impersonating will end in a permanent IP block.
13. Do not beg for events, items or plvl.
15. Be friendly and try to act mature.
16. Items selling for real money is strongly forbidden as from now, if we catch you we will perma ban your whole accounts.
17. Gold selling and buying is forbidden (Could lead you to a perma IP ban)
18. For Trades, you can ask GMs for being Middleman so you can't become scammed.
19. Do not advertise for other sites/servers.
20. No Spam in Global or PM (If you spam a GM you will be banned).
21. Do not Insult.
22. Multi Clients are allowed (max. 8).
23. Boting at Uniques area unallowed take care

Server Stats

  • PlayerOnline: 1312 /1000
  • Total accounts: 4400
  • Total characters: 8452
  • SupportOnline: 2 /2
  • D 12 / Cap 120
  • CH/EU
  • EXP/SP 130x
  • PT Exp 160x
  • Speed Normal
  • Gold/Drop 10x
  • Plus Rate 100%
  • Accounts Limit/PC (4)
  • Trade Limit/PC (2)
  • Tradegoods Enabled
  • Alchemy Disabled
  • Start Items
  • Tradegoods Enabled
  • Tradegoods x2 Event
  • Magic-Pop Disabled


  • Time: 18:06:28
  • Fortress:
  • Register: Friday 08:00 - 20:00
  • CTF:
  • x2 Job Coins: Everyday Times At
    Start: 00:25 | End: 02:25
    Start: 06:25 | End: 08:25
    Start: 12:25 | End: 14:25
    Start: 19:25 | End: 21:25
  • Best STR: Saturday 08:00
  • Best INT: Sunday 08:00
  • Best PVP: Monday 08:00
  • Best CH: Tuesday 08:00
  • Best EU: Wednesday 08:00
  • Best Uniq: Thursday 08:00

Referral System

    - Invite Your Friends and Get Free 150 Silk and 5% commission,
    of what they donated for.
    How it works:
    - Just ask them to Type
    $Kotsh ref/YourName

Weekly Tournament



  • Phone: 01283208704
  • Skype: PureSRO2013
  • Discord: Kotsh#5187
  • Discord Server: BetaSRO
  • Email: Send Mail